Ornamentals and Accessories

Tudor Roof Tile

Tudor Roof Tile’s Peg and Plain tiles come with a whole host of decorative tiles and matching accessories to add visual appeal to a project.

Ornamental clubs and fishtails

Ornamental tiles offer an extra level of detailing and embellishment that can make a roof truly stunning, whether incorporated into the main roof design or hung vertically as a feature. Tudor offers a wide variety of ridge tiles, clubs and double shouldered clubs, hips, bullnose, fishtails and arrowheads plus other decorative designs. Find more on the Ornamental range

Creasing tiles

Originally designed to be a means to preventing dampness in walls and chimneys, creasing tiles are now a popular decorative feature. Tudor’s creasing tiles have low porosity and high strength making them ideal for projecting drip sills as well as cappings or copings for walls. Find more on Creasing tiles

Ventilation accessories

Under-tile ventilation allows an uninterrupted roofline without unsightly roof vents and soil stacks. Tudor’s exclusive low-profile semi-visible in-line ventilation system is ideal for both newbuild and retrofit projects, and for completely invisible option, a patented under-tile ventilation design sits completely hidden under the fabric of the roof. More information here: Find more on Ventilation accessories

Bat Access tiles

In order to preserve Britain’s endangered bat population and to help builders and conservationists meet stringent bat legislation, Tudor Roof Tiles has developed bat access tiles, which work with all plain and peg roof tiles and are available in Tudor’s mellow range of colours. In addition to the access tiles, Tudor also manufactures ridge tiles, with similar bat access points, plus a number of bespoke options to suit specific building and refurbishment projects. Find more on Bat Access tiles


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Tudor Roof Tile

Tudor Roof Tile

Tudor Roof Tile Co Ltd is one of the last remaining independent clay roof tile manufacturers, which still produces genuine handmade Kent Peg and Plain tiles of the kind that have graced English roofs over the centuries.

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