Part L and Isokorb® with HTE-Module

Part L and Isokorb® with HTE-Module

In its fifth generation since its invention through Eberhard Schöck 1983, the new Schöck Isokorb® type K with HTE-module combines the potential of highest thermal insulation and full structural integrity with a unique degree of stability and versatility. This new generation of Schöck Isokorb provides optimum structural solutions and proves to be an increasingly attractive option for the stringent demands of thermal efficiency to and energy saving construction, to ensure compliance with Part L.

Thermal bridges are part of a building where heat and/or cold is transferred at a substantially higher rate then through the surrounding envelope area. There are two types of this phenomenon: geometric thermal bridges where part of the structure projects through the building envelope and material thermal bridges where materials with different conductivity are used in combination. In practice, these effects often combine, a classic example of which is the balcony slab, where problems occur if the connection is not given serious consideration. Thermograph photography shows that if thermal bridges at balconies are not taken care of, the balconies act as cooling fins, conducting the heat off the building and cooling the rooms adjacent to the balconies. This problem leads to the following:

  • higher energy consumption - due to the thermal outflow at the balcony connection, heat is sucked from every room, causing a significant rise in costs as the heating system struggles to maintain a constant temperature
  • mould formation - in areas where thermal bridges occur, the inner surface temperature of the rooms adjacent to the balconies sinks dramatically below dew point. This leads to condensation, deteriorates plaster and paintwork and is an ideal condition for harmful mould formation.

    The solution is Isokorb®. The Schöck Isokorb® is loadbearing thermal insulation element which forms a thermal break between balcony and internal floor, whilst transferring load and maintaining full-structural integrity. In combination with the product an internal temperature, well in excess of that critical to the formation of condensation, is achievable, thus preventing further negative sub consequences. Since 1999, architects in the UK rely on Schöck's expertise for energy saving construction and today in order to comply with Part L.

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    In the UK Schöck provides both thermal insulation and acoustic insulation solutions. Its market-leading range of load-bearing thermal break elements, known as the Isokorb, allows connections to be made between concrete-to-concrete, concrete-to-steel...
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