Pavillion des Animaux du Futur, France

Pavillion des Animaux du Futur, France

Pavillion des Animaux du Futur, France

Client: Futuroscope
Architect: Denis Laming
Type of works: ALUCOBOND® used for cladding.

Placed upon a small hill, the new Pavillion des Animaux du Futur (Animals of the Future) provides a wide view over the other attractions of the amusement park, Futuroscope. Open to the public since spring 2008, the inauguration put an end to an important work-site, having accumulated roughly 100 workers from 17 different trades.

With its round and fluent bends, the building portrays a slender geometric ellipse, presenting itself like the Noah’s Ark of the future.

For the cladding, architect Denis Laming faced important geometric challenges. He went with ALUCOBOND® in naturAL line and Spectra Black due to the supple, yet rigid, nature of the material, making it easier to curve, fold and mount.

Denis Laming, who has used ALUCOBOND® for 15 years, explains: “If concrete, metal and glass would have made distinct innovative progress, there would not be room for any additional innovative materials.

ALUCOBOND® by Alcan Composites is a relatively fresh material, perfect for the requirements of today. These panels are the material of the future – trendsetting – and compared to rival products, ahead of the times.”

“The Pavillion des Animaux du Futur is an organic evolution of an up-to-date, raw architecture. It is a unification of reality and virtual reality that resembles an architectural DNA,” explains Laming.

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