Pilkington Building Products UK welcomes cost effective digital promotion

Pilkington Building Products UK welcomes cost effective digital promotion

Pilkington Building Products UK explains how having a Premier Profile on Barbour Product Search and featuring in one of our newsletters has been a cost effective and welcome form of promoting its company and products.

The Pilkington name has been closely associated with glass since 1826, and is now part of the NSG Group; one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for the building trade. Pilkington Building Products UK manufactures a wide range of float, coated, rolled, laminated and toughened glass products as well as its own range of high-performance insulating glass units.

With constant pressure on budgets and the increasing influence of the internet, Pilkington Building Products UK has gradually moved away from just traditional advertising and has moved towards digital media.

Julia Berkin, Marketing Communications Manager at Pilkington Building Products UK, says: “We turned to Barbour Product Search to promote our products because of the outstanding reputation the company has within the construction industry. Their extensive reach of the construction audience allows us to target customers that we cannot otherwise get to.”

Barbour Product Search is constantly changing and adapting to the current climate. For example, over the past year they’ve utilised social media platforms to further promote our company, products and case studies – and this is all included in the package.”

Manufacturers who have a Premier Profile on Barbour Product Search can also benefit from the various newsletter opportunities we offer. Pilkington Building Products UK recently featured in our Manufacturer Spotlight newsletter.

Julia continues: “We worked with Barbour Product Search to produce a newsletter covering the story of our latest product, Pilkington K Glass™ S, case studies of recent projects, general news items and links to our website.”

“We were given statistics of how many recipients opened the newsletter, and the number of visitors to our website that followed. The results were very impressive; we were the most visited company in December on Barbour Product Search, and two of our products were in the top 25 most visited!”

“We would certainly recommend Barbour Product Search to any other company that wants a cost effective way of promoting their products to the full specification chain.”

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