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JG Speedfit

Complete your installation in no time with JG Speedfit’s wide range of fittings, pipe, tap connectors and service valves. Fast and simple to install, Speedfit creates a strong and reliable connection using a perfect blend of push-fit and multi-seal technology.

Fitted and dismounted without using tools, Speedfit fittings are compatible with copper or plastic pipe and come with a 50-year warranty as standard.

JG Speedfit also offer a range of flexible plastic pipe in a variety of sizes, which makes cabling in less accessible areas easier and reduces the number of joints or fittings needed. With push-fit tap connectors and service valves, installing and servicing fixtures and appliances is quick and easy too.

• Instant push-fit connection and flexible pipe
• Collet with stainless steel teeth firmly grips pipe
• Dual O-Rings give a permanent leak-proof seal
• Twist & Lock adds compression creating a multi seal
• Lead free and non-toxic
• Corrosion free and no scale build up

• High performance and durable solution
• Install, demount and refit in seconds without tools
• Safe, flame-free installation, with no hot works
• Less labour intensive, especially in tight spaces
• Less joints, less leaks, less call backs
• Safer cooler surface temperature


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RWC – Reliance Worldwide Corporation

RWC – Reliance Worldwide Corporation

RWC and its family of brands develop safe, sustainable and efficient solutions through a range of engineered and innovative products.

JG Speedfit, SharkBite and Reliance Valves offer a complete range of pipes, fittings and valves. That are...
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