Platon P5 Membrane supplied from Triton for Victorian Basement

Platon P5 Membrane supplied from Triton for Victorian Basement

Dampco doubled the size of an existing cellar to provide extra living accommodation in a Victorian end of terrace home. The ceiling height was increased from 1.8 to 2.3 M throughout the new space and new lightwells were constructed to the front and back of the house.

The new area was waterproofed using waterproofing products from Triton including Platon cavity drain membranes and a Triton Aqua Pump drainage system. Platon P5 membrane was installed to the cellar walls. It’s an economical HDPE membrane which is impermeable to water, gas and water vapour and, because minimal preparation is required to the substrate, provides a fast alternative to cementitious basement tanking.

The new floor slab was sealed using Triton’s Concrete Hardener & Sealer which seals and dust proofs the surface and also prevents free lime from the new concrete leaching into the drainage system. New internal walls were constructed to provide a bedsitting room, shower and dressing room.
Gullies were created in the surface of the slab to direct any water ingress to a new Aqua Pump sump where two mains powered Aqua Pumps were installed. Any water will be pumped to an existing drain at ground floor level. Platon P20, a deeper studded membrane, with a higher drainage capacity, was then laid to all floors which were then finished with chipboard and carpet. The walls were battened and boarded, with pipes and cables concealed in the cavity.

A new glass balustrade between the existing hall and stairwell to the cellar brought more natural light into the new space and helped to connect it to the rest of the house.

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