Postformed Plasform® Performance

Postformed Plasform® Performance

Leaderflush Shapland’s Plasform® range not only meets the necessary performance criteria for fire resistance and sound reduction, but it also meets the hygiene, safety and operational requirements of many applications including health, specialist industrial environments, education and sport and leisure.

Radiused vertical edges to door leaves and all frame edges with postformed facings is an integral part of the Plasform® concept. It gives a distinctive appearance as well as easy to clean, damage resistant and ergonomically friendly surfaces. The doors are fully encapsulated, non-shedding and maintenance-free with a wide choice of facing options available.

The Plasform® range comprises four product groups:

  • Original: offers the widest choice of options with traditional beaded glazing systems.
  • Unique: offers the widest choice of flush glazing options.
  • WR: uses fully sealed, water resistant cores and glazing systems for applications such as swimming pools and kitchens.
  • Extended Performance: provides x-ray protection, sound reduction up to 38 RwdB, extended fire resistance up to 120 minutes and is suitable across all applications.

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