Powerful floodlights illuminate Caerphilly Castle

Powerful floodlights illuminate Caerphilly Castle

Pulsar’s flagship LUXEOS 36 floodlight was chosen to illuminate Caerphilly Castle in Wales due to its powerful light output and versatile beam angle options.

To light the wall sections, HBS (holographic beam shaping) diffusers were fitted to provide the beam spread.

For accent uplighting on the two tall towers flanking the gatehouse, Pulsar installed four smaller LUXEOS 09 floodlights to compliment the LUXEOS 36 floods situated further back.

16 Pulsar ChromaPowerLine 100 TC linear fixtures were used to light the façade of the south dam. A washing approach had to be taken rather than floodlighting.

Pulsar’s VC (Vivid Colour) light engines was chosen, featuring high output, high CRI white LEDs along with wide gamut colour mixing.

Pulsar DS5 Datasplitters distribute control data from a Pharos system to the whole installation.

A TPC (touch panel controller) also makes it easy for onsite staff to control the lights, depending on requirements at the time.

They have the ability to pick and choose from a wide selection of pre-programmed effects, or control the lights in each area manually.

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