Prevent flooding with the WaStop Check Valve

Prevent flooding with the WaStop Check Valve

Every year flooding affects more & more properties. The WaStop inline check valve is innovative solution to this growing problem. Its unique design prevents backflow, flooding, and sewage odour. In recent times winter has meant rain fall and flooding for thousands of properties. This is a problem confronted by both domestic and commercial properties alike. The WaStop inline check valve is a simple yet incredibly effective solution to tackle propriety flooding.

The design of the WaStop valve allows it to be integrated into the existing drainage or sewage system preventing backflow and odour without limiting the flow needed for everyday use. One feature that makes the WaStop particularly versatile is its ability to work at any angle. Most valves on the market require gravity to close, whereas the WaStop uses the elastic effect of its cone to maintain a seal even when installed vertically . This has seen the valve find uses in a verity of functions from soakaways to septic tanks. The WaStops quick and simple installation has made it popular with water utilities and authorities alike. It is commonly fitted in inlets, outlets and within chambers.

The secret to Wastop®’s effectiveness is its specialized Memory Membrane, inserted inside either stainless steel or pvc pipe depending on the application. The Memory Membrane is constructed of a specially formulated elastomer which gives it exceptional shape retention and chemical resistance. This ensures Wastop® always opens when needed, but then immediately seals to prevent backflow.

How it works: Flow in the normal direction causes a slight pressure buildup against the membrane which in turn causes the membrane to open just enough to allow the flow to pass unhindered. When backflow occurs the membrane fills with water or gas and acts as a stopper blocking all back flow in the pipe or drain. WaStop® check valves can be designed to withstand up to 12 meters back pressure.

WaStop Stainless Steel range: WaStop Stainless Steel series can be used in sewer and storm/surface water applications as well as for stopping odour escaping from combined sewers. The stainless steel series is a complete range from DN 100mm (NPS 4″) to DN 1800mm (NPS 72″). The WaStop Stainless range fits inside the existing pipe.

WaStop PVC range: WaStop PVC range is primarily used in sewer and odour applications. The PVC range is installed inline with the existing pipes using flexible couplings or slide couplings. WaStop PVC range is available from DN75mm (NPS 3″) up to DN 200mm (NPS 8″). For dimensions over this size PE or Stainless is recommended.

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