Private residence

Client: Private residence
Type of works: Nu-Heat refit with Jaga Strada DBE radiators

Jaga Heating Products has supplied Strada DBE radiators as part of a complete refit in a 150m² detached house, which was originally fitted with an oil boiler, oil tank, hot water cylinder and loft tanks.

Nu-Heat’s Hitachi heat pump system, which included a 12kW Yutaki air source heat pump and an EnergyMaster HP 360 hot water heat pump tank with solar coil, replaced the previous system allowing for huge energy and cost savings of almost 50 per cent.

The Strada DBE is a low temperature fan assisted radiator specifically designed for low temperature heat pump appliances. Heat pump specialists, Nu-Heat, recommend the use of Jaga’s fan-assisted convectors, as they are less than half the size of conventional radiators, avoiding the ‘oversizing’ required when using conventional panel radiators on low water flow temperature heat pump applications. By enabling the system to operate at low water flow temperatures, maximum system COPs can be achieved. Furthermore the Strada DBE is fitted with a low water content heat exchanger, containing approximately one tenth the water volume
of a conventional radiator; with little thermal lag, response times are improved, again leading to greater efficiencies when compared with radiators or underfloor heating.

The Strada DBEs feature a temperature-monitoring function ensuring the low energy fans boost output by the exact amount for ideal comfort, and also contain low water volumes which are able to assist with system warm up times.

The refit was completed with minimum disruption, without the family needing to move out, and the installation of radiators, rather than underfloor heating, ensuring fewer disturbances

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