Procter Pro-glide Cantilevered Sliding Gates

Procter Pro-glide Cantilevered Sliding Gates

Procter Automatic Gates is a part of Procter Contracts specialising in the supply, installation and automation of cantilever sliding gates. These have significant benefits over conventional tracked or large swing gates as they require less ground work required as no rail is used.

•The ground surface can be uneven or sloping as the gate doesn't come into contact with it
•The gate's operation will be unaffected by debris and snow and ice below it
•Quieter operation

A cantilever gate is a slightly more sophisticated option compared to tracked sliding gates, and overall has more advantages. A cantilever sliding gate basically operates by using an extended section of gate to counterbalance the actual gate which spans the access.

So in effect the gate is suspended and therefore doesn't require a track below it to run along.

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