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Product intelligence - Sikafloor®-RB58 [BLOG]

Product intelligence - Sikafloor®-RB58 [BLOG]

A blog written by Sika.

In a world where businesses are measured by their efficiency, intelligent solutions and more efficient methods of construction have become the order of the day in the building industry. It’s why Sika and its engineers keep close to the customer base and fine-tune products accordingly. Sikafloor®-RB58 is one such product and for car park operators having an asset in need of refurbishment, it’s a proven way of ensuring a car park is back to its best within the shortest downtime possible.

Regardless of how well designed or constructed car parks are, they are inherently vulnerable due to their exposure to aggressive and corrosive elements such as oil and diesel spills, carbon dioxide gasses, de-icing salts and water, all of which become more of a problem if cracks exist in concrete decks. With car park owners or operators legally obliged to maintain their car park in a safe condition, key revenues will be lost when any one of the multi-storey and underground car parks across the UK needs to be closed temporarily for refurbishment.

Any closure of a car park can result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of pounds for owners or operators. By simply specifying a Sika system, 80% of the car park can stay open as normal during refurbishment work. For example, Sikafloor ®-RB58 is a slip resistant, fast curing waterproofing system that can be applied to asphalt or concrete. As each layer cures within one hour, the system is rapid-setting allowing for fast track applications. Works can therefore be completed overnight in critical areas such as ramps which in turn will reduce the time the car park is out of service to the client.

The system can be applied down to 0°C which allows for both winter or colder, external nighttime applications. With good mechanical, chemical and abrasion resistance, Sikafloor®-RB58 comprises several layers to guarantee a robust, watertight, performance. The system has been tested in accordance with BS EN 1062-7 for dynamic crack bridging class B 4.2; a test carried out at a temperature of -20°C, a harsher environment than even the UK winter generally provides.

As the system can be applied directly over asphalt this in turn reduces waste to landfill, cost to the client and length of programme of the works. It’s also easy to repair and bonds to itself reducing maintenance costs. A range of highly decorative colours are also available which can significantly lighten and brighten parking facilities.

By using a fast-track and innovative solution such as Sikafloor®-RB58, owners and operators of car parks can ensure their car park is returned to its best within the shortest time frame possible. And once it is installed there is no doubting its superb, durable and waterproofing credentials which will stand the time and traffic for many years to come.

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