Progeny helps to control access on impressive ULT Academy

Progeny helps to control access on impressive ULT Academy

ULT is the largest single sponsor of academies in the UK with 17 academies currently operational and more set to open in the future. The academies are free to attend and welcome students regardless of faith, background or ability.

The ULT academy in Banbury is the first one in Oxfordshire and boasts an impressive set-up and range of facilities. Student and staff enjoy a state-of-the-art learning environment across all subject areas.

Situated on an extensive campus the buildings on site include an assembly hall, sixth form block, purpose built theatre, industry standard music and recording studios, four design technology workshops, an art studio, first class sports facilities, seven state of the art science laboratories and a restaurant.
Not surprisingly with an academy of this size and stature site security is of significant importance, particularly when it comes to safeguarding students and staff and protecting property.

ULT asked Contact Security to undertake a full review and audit of site security and safety and as part of this process Contact recommended the installation of Progeny’s class leading P3 access control system.

P3 online was selected for several reasons; one of the key features is the system’s ability to grow according to the application needs. It is efficient and cost-effective and in conjunction with the hugely popular HID proximity readers allows access via a number of mechanisms ideally suited to an academy such as ULT North Oxfordshire.

P3 online also offers many superior technical features such as 3 methods of connectivity - USB to a server computer; LAN/WAN making use of an existing data network; and GPRS for difficult to reach applications. The P3 access controller is designed with flexibility in mind. It can be programmed to function both stand- alone and from a PC and allows small systems to grow, from one door to 65,000 doors. P3 online uses Doors Enterprise software and two versions are available - Doors Enterprise Software standard or Doors Enterprise software professional. The latest release, version 7 which is utilised by the academy includes many additional features including Photo ID card printing, time sheet, simplified user interface, Progeny Express links, custom database fields and new help wizards.

The access control systems primary function was to limit access in restricted areas to authorised personnel only and to generally preventing access to individuals who shouldn’t be on the premises.

Currently 40 doors are monitored and any misuse of the doors or tampering is immediately identified and the relevant personnel are informed.

Installation was carried out in a highly efficient manner by Contact Security’s team of engineers with the minimum of fuss and to exacting standards of workmanship.

Tony Griffin, ICT Manager said 'We are delighted with the way the Progeny system has helped to improve our overall security and in particular how it has allowed us to manage access to students, staff and visitors throughout the academy. It is actually quite reassuring to know that unauthorised personnel cannot gain access or move freely throughout the premises. We also make use of the reporting software, Doors version 7, which allows us to monitor movement and provide reports of door activity when required.’

One of the other very important benefits of choosing Progeny access control is the after-sales service and technical support on offer. The Progeny website contains an extensive resource of technical help ranging from data sheets, technical papers, and online technical help and support. In addition the company also have a team of office based experts and engineers who can provide guidance and site visits when necessary.

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