Progeny P3.GPRS: Making the inaccessible accessible.

Progeny P3.GPRS: Making the inaccessible accessible.

Progeny’s P3 is an online access control system is arguably one of the most versatile access control systems on the market. It can cater from 1 to 1000,000 doors and is ideal solution for single or multiple sites. IP connectivity gives easy reach to sites that can be anywhere in the world.

But what about difficult to reach applications? Add a mobile and the most inaccessible locations become accessible. P3.GPRS makes use of the mobile telephone network to connect remote access control systems. Simply provide power and the controller is given a fixed and private IP address that can only be accessed from your main server PC.

P3. GPRS provides an 'always on' 24/7 connection to multiple sites. There is no call cost issue as you effectively only pay for the data you transfer.

Progeny is constantly looking at innovation and ensuring it continues to push the boundaries of access control systems and solutions and bring this innovation to benefit installers and end users alike.

Visit or call the support team on 01254 883348 for more details.

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