Progeny's Touch 'less' switch - infection control in access control

Progeny's Touch 'less' switch - infection control in access control

The Progeny Touch Switch features patented technology and is a general purpose switch capable of detecting near proximity or touch. As it is not necessary for contact to be made with the human hand or finger to open the door, only near proximity, the switch reduces the risk of infection by reducing the incidents of germ transfer through touch. In addition as the switch does not have any moving parts there is no wear and tear and therefore its lifespan is increased.

The Touch Switch is used extensively in hospitals, banks, building societies and many other public places where entry and exit needs to be controlled. The switch is also DDA compliant and is a much more aesthetically pleasing than almost all of the conventional alternatives on the market.

The fully sealed IP66 enclosure requires minimal power is suitable for internal and external applications and installation is made easy as the switch plate version will mount onto any UK standard single gang light switch back box, resulting in an aesthetic flush mounted finish. For applications where space is limited an attractive surface mounted mullion version is also available.

There are three switch fascia design options - 'Touch to open', Touch to release' and 'Green hand.'

Visit or call the support team on 01254 883348 for more details.

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