Progeny Scramble Keyboard: the ideal solution where access must be controlled

Progeny Scramble Keyboard: the ideal solution where access must be controlled

Access control and security have always been hugely important issues facing an architect or designer, whether for new build or refurbishment projects.

Thankfully Progeny Access Control, innovators and leaders in the sector have developed a range of systems and solutions to cater for almost any application but if your access control project requires a solution where access must be controlled then look no further than the Progeny Scramble keyboard.

Used in conjunction with Progeny's highly successful P1 and P3 access control systems the scramble keyboard, featuring patented scramble technology, takes keyboard security to another level.

The scramble keyboards do not suffer from the lack of security associated with a traditional keyboard, where an onlooker can easily discover the entry code by observing which keys are pressed. With the Progeny Scramble keyboard the keys are scrambled each time it is used and with over 3.6 million permutations the chances of an intruder guessing the correct combination are remote at best.

As the digits are scrambled observing which keys are pressed will not reveal the code or the PIN to a potential intruder. Each time the keyboard is used, the 0-9 digits are allocated at random to the keyboards 10 keys. This also ensures even wear on the keys, even if the same code is always used.

Unlike a conventional keyboard there are no surface markings for the keys and only the user standing directly in front of the keyboard can see the digits, this is achieved by an internal viewing restrictor so any individual standing by the side of the user will not be able to see which numbers, displayed by red LEDs, form the access code or PIN. This feature adds even greater security.

The scramble keyboard can be used for internal and external applications and can be surface or flush mounted.

Visit or call the support team on 01254 883348 for more details.

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