Progeny sets your barcode free

Progeny sets your barcode free

The traditional slot bar code readers used for access control are designed in such a way that strict positioning requirements of the bar code on the card must be adhered to in order for the reader to read the cars and the system to function correctly. As most bar code applications are for use with legacy cards this ‘positioning’ limitation can pose a significant problem and one which until now has limited the effective use of bar code reader access control systems when used with legacy cards.

Regarded as one of the most innovative and progressive access control manufacturers Progeny have created a stylish new reader which overcomes this problem and also offers improved levels of performance.

The new 2030-SC Crystal Bar Code reader has been designed with the reader optics facing downwards at an angle away from the wall. The reader is therefore able to read the bar code wherever it is positioned on the card. This simple but ingenious twist in the design functionality will allow end-users and security specialists alike the ability to install the readers in environments where legacy cards are in use.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. The designers at Progeny wanted to create a reader which was capable of use in interior and exterior applications, weather resistant and able to function in temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees. The 2030 SC is weather resistant and when the ambient temperature inside the reader drops to below 3 degrees an internal heater is automatically switched on to keep the optics inside the reader at operating temperature further demonstrating Progeny’s innovative and superior technology.

The reader has a stainless steel fascia which not only offers a contemporary look to match modern décor schemes but also a degree of vandal resistance.

With an operating voltage range of 8.0V to 14V DC and well balanced dimensions the new 2030-SC Optical Crystal reader offers the security specialist and end user alike a high performance and stylish bar code reader solution.

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