Protecting famous street with FenceSafe

Protecting famous street with FenceSafe

CLD Fencing Systems has provided its innovative FenceSafe temporary fencing solution for the famous Crowther Street in Stockport. When Bardsley Construction Limited started work on this new project they turned to CLD Fencing Systems Approved Contractor Scheme member Wallbank Fencing Ltd to provide them with an innovative temporary fencing solution to protect the historical aspects of the area.

Crowther Street, just off Hillgate in the heart of Stockport’s town centre; was made famous when L.S Lowry released the oil on board depiction in 1930 titled ‘A Street in Stockport – Crowther Street’. The scene shows steps and railings with buildings on either side as groups of people and individuals are standing on the street.

The challenge faced by Wallbank Fencing Ltd required a solution that would offer site safety for the Bardsley Construction site and pedestrians as well as providing a secure compound and site area. In certain areas no ground penetration or heavy traffic was permitted due to damage to the cobbled areas that make the street so special. It was also vital that the fencing system fitted in with Bardsley Construction brand image and so had to match their company colour palette.

The end result was a bespoke fencing package that covered both ground dug and zero ground strike systems from the CLD Fencing Systems Range covering almost half a kilometre of fencing. The systems included:
• FenceSafe Dulok Temporary Fencing with full length clamp bar and finished in RAL 5015 PPC at 2.4m high
• Eclipse 60 Dug in Fencing finished in RAL 5015 PPC at 2.4m high
Wallbank Fencing Ltd completed all work on site within 2 weeks to help keep the project on time and on budget. Another historical site protected by FenceSafe.

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