Pumping Station, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pumping Station, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Type of works: a stainless-steel skin realised in a three-dimensional form.

Sorba worked closely with the architects, engineers and material suppliers to overcome the natural resilient tendencies for stainless steel to be formed into two directions, to take on the three-dimensional form. 

Sorba has received recognition for the pumping-station cladding by being presented with the prestigious 2006 National Stainless Steel Award. 

One of the unusual features of this project is that LEDs were recessed within the natural shadow gaps formed by the panels. The LEDs are activated at night to indicate the running of the pumping station; the intensity of the LEDs are dependent upon the loadings on the pumps.

Sorba reinforced its ability to offer a single-source supply; it offered the complete envelope solution, from the steel support structure within, to the internal weathering and the exterior grade stainless-steel skin, offering the full realisation of the client's/architect's desires.

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