Pure Vista frameless glass balustrade for retail and commercial use

Pure Vista frameless glass balustrade for retail and commercial use

The retail and commercial industry are full of beautifully designed buildings with plenty of glass balconies and railings using frameless glass balustrades.

Continue reading to see why Pure Vista’s POSIglaze, MEGAgrip and R-LOCK channels will be an ideal option for retail locations and high-rise buildings where you might only have access to one side of the glass.

MEGAgrip is a product aimed predominantly at the commercial market, it follows a similar design principal to POSIglaze in that it uses two-sided adjustment technology and is compatible with glass thicknesses between 25mm – 33mm.

Depending on the glass used, 1.5kN to 3.00kN line load resistance can be achieved with MEGAgrip.

While MEGAgrip is more than sufficient for most heavy commercial environments, there are two even stronger Pure Vista balustrade products called BLASTguard and BULLETguard. BLASTguard that is bomb-resistant and BULLETguard that is bulletproof.

These systems are both adaptations of MEGAgrip. By applying a converter kit to the MEGAgrip system it generates the additional protection required to meet even more robust standards. These can be applied during or after installation.

These systems fall under the classification of anti-terror balustrades.

Where can glass balustrades be used?
Commercial balustrade can be used in a variety of environments, the lower force protection domestic to commercial crossover products (R-LOCK and POSIglaze) are suitable for glass partitions and glass staircases that you might find in public buildings and office spaces, as well as for a garden or terrace windbreak in a bar or restaurant, where exposure to high wind isn’t an issue.

The higher force loading MEGAgrip is suitable for areas where high winds or crowding may be an additional consideration, for example, coastal bars and restaurants, stadiums, music venues, shopping centres and transport hubs as windbreaks, defined walkways, crowd control barriers and partition walls.

When is it needed?
Glass balustrade building regulations come into play when there is a change in floor level or drop, and they vary according to the specific application. For example, in commercial situations, a balustrade is required to protect against a floor level change of 380 mm.

There are further regulations that govern how high the balustrade needs to be relative to the drop that it is protecting against, as well as regulations around the impact force that the balustrade needs to be able to withstand.

More information can be found on our building regulations page and on the ‘force loading capabilities’ section of each individual product page.

POSIglaze is one of the most technically advanced aluminium balustrade systems on the market.

Designed to provide the greatest possible adjustment opportunities, this system enables each panel to be perfectly aligned during, or even after, installation. POSIglaze is an excellent choice for residential to light commercial installations where up to 1.5kN frameless glass balustrade is required.

This innovative patented and market leading screw-clamp technology locks glass panels into position effortlessly, with four immobilising fasteners per meter of channel.

As their most adjustable product to date, this system has a wide range of applications in both domestic and commercial projects.
Glass balconies safely allow plenty of light and fresh air into the room, as well as maximising the view. Frameless glass windbreaks can be used in exposed locations on balconies and decking, where there is a view can be enjoyed.

Privacy screening can also be added to a glass balustrade balcony installation. This helps to prevent overlooking into neighbouring properties and visa-versa.

Key Benefits
• Fast and easy to install and adjust
• Up to 1.50kN loading to BSI standards
• Suitable for uneven surfaces
• Lightweight and strong
• Fully accredited
• Suitable for domestic & commercial
View the POSIglaze brochure here

R-LOCK is the ideal balustrade solution for a situation when you can only access one side of the glass. Using our patented contained resin system, the glass can be installed and uninstalled easily.

The de-glazing element had been greatly thought through, mainly to reduce the cost when a glass panel does need replacing. Saving costs on scaffolding or other specialist equipment that is required when working at heights.

There was a gap in the market and Pure Vista filled it. Resin can often come with bad connotations, however, through this clever design the resin is contained and can simply be knocked off if the glass panel is removed. Pure Vista have detailed installation and de-glazing information available.

R-LOCK is newly available in 3 fittings, base-drill, side-drill and Edge74. Depending on the build and design required each R-LOCK style provides a different look. Each one is anodised in graphite grey, which suits most projects.

In a rare case, when required the channel can be provided raw to be powder coated a specific colour by the customer. R-LOCK is also available to be custom fabricated, removing the need for cutting channel on site and allowing a quicker installation.

Key Benefits
• One-side-fit
• R-LOCK Edge F-profile for flush edge fitting
• Up to 0.74kN loading to BSI standards
• Adjustment capability of 10mm (exterior edge) and 23mm (interior edge)
• Fast and easy to install and uninstall
• Fully accredited
• Lightweight and strong
• Custom Fabrication
View the R-LOCK brochure here

MEGAgrip is a fantastic balustrade which has been designed around high-density public areas. Ideal for sport arenas or higher glass requirements whilst keeping safety at the forefront.

The system uses a 13mm Hex Bolt and ¼ inch torque wrench and extension arm to tighten the bolts, for a quick and simple installation.

Internal glass clamps allow for easy alignment of the glass within the channel, and are compatible with a wide range of glass thicknesses making MEGAgrip one of the most adaptable balustrade systems on the market today.

It can be further fortified with a simple conversion kit, to become a bomb-resistant or bullet-proof balustrade system.
MEGAgrip is ideal for use as a public space barrier in busy locations such as transport hubs and venues, where there is a risk of overcrowding. For more information on MEGAgrip please click here.

Key Benefits
• Quick and easy to install and adjust
• Up to 3.00kN loading to BSI standards
• Patented anti-terror conversion kits
• Completely frameless commercial balustrade
• Fully accredited
• Suitable for a wide variety of applications
View the MEGAgrip brochure here

All of Pure Vista’s balustrade and the corresponding accessories and tools can be purchased easily on their online shop (free delivery on orders over £150 to mainland UK) or you can call their team directly.
Website: www.pure-vista.com
Phone: +44 (0)1208 261040

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