Purus Launches the New Purus Channel 110 Drain, Ideal For All Environments

Purus Launches the New Purus Channel 110 Drain, Ideal For All Environments

Purus, the leading Swedish manufacturer of drainage and plumbing products for wet rooms, has launched the Purus Channel 110 which offers a modern drainage solution in changing rooms.

The Purus Channel 110 drain is ideal for installation in sport-centre changing rooms, spa-hotels, public baths, and bathrooms in hospitals where well-thought-out architecture and design is required, as well as a high demand for function and quality.

The Purus Channel 110 is a new stainless channel which has various optional models of gratings to fit in the environment where it will be installed and offers an uninterrupted tile design across the surface.

The drain has been developed to meet modern design, function and safety requirements. It is available in standard lengths from 0.6m (width 0.11m) and will easily extend to 2.5m. Another great feature of the Purus Channel 110 which makes it ideal for industrial environments is that it can smoothly remove up to 60 litres a minute.

The suspension device for the grating gives the drain a hygienic advantage as it minimises the risk of accumulating bacteria. All the drains are supplied complete with a stainless-steel floor gully with water trap (Flexinood) and grating. The channel has a fall built which means there will be no stagnant water sat in the channel as it will flow straight down into the gully. All Purus drains contain an odour trap as standard. This means that bad air cannot come through the drain even if it is dry.

Purus floor drains have been designed to meet the exacting requirements for design, functionality and safety and comply with the British Board of Agrément standards.

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