QAH Portsmouth

Main build was completed and commissioned in 2009/10. BSB supplied 1100 fire/smoke dampers, 8 fully networked addressable damper control panels, 90 fan control devices (wired into the networks) and fireman's override panel.

The fireman's override panel was supplied in the format of a touch-screen PC with an interactive graphics package pre-loaded with the projects floor layout CAD drawing showing the damper actual locations by way of live icons on screen.

This was further enhanced by placing the fireman's override buttons on the touch screen within each and every zone to provide operations to open/close supply and extract dampers or open/close extract dampers only. The operation of these switches had a direct override control of the relevant fans. Further works were undertaken on the existing hospital site known as Retain Estates during 2010/11.

This included a further networked panel, an addition of 120 fire/smoke dampers and an additional 33 pages added onto the interactive graphics package in the same format as the main building.

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