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Reconfiguration of mezzanine for cleaning product company

Reconfiguration of mezzanine for cleaning product company

Warehouse Systems Limited was recently commissioned for a project working with a company specialising in quality cleaning products.

The client already had a large mezzanine floor, but it was divided into three areas, which limited the way they wished to use the space.

They requested that the dividing handrails and shelving on the mezzanine be removed, with some racking at the end of the mezzanine being slightly reconfigured to be a more efficient use of space.

Mesh was also requested to be installed on the walkway along the back of the mezzanine to replace old handrails. This would separate passing personnel and company visitors from the storage area.

The existing shelving from the mezzanine floor was to be moved downstairs, creating a storage area underneath the mezzanine.

WSL designers met with the clients regarding their requirements and produced two separate drawings for the clients to select from.

The work had to be done to a tight deadline, as they were awaiting the arrival of a new product and wanted the reconfigurations and extra storage to be complete by the time the product arrived. Due to this, WSL had a one-month target turnaround for design, planning and on-site construction.

Once the designs were agreed and the team booked in, the on-site work was completed in only two to three days. A site foreman oversaw the project throughout, and the project manager remained in close contact with the warehouse manager to ensure that all was running smoothly.

Health and Safety was a priority, with safety procedures and method statements being carefully adhered to. In this case, the area was briefly closed off to the rest of the business while work was ongoing; this was carefully planned between the WSL project manager and the client’s warehouse manager to ensure minimal disruption to the day-to-day work of the company.

The result is an efficient space for storage of the new product and a safe walkway beyond for personnel and visitors. The client was pleased with the service and quality provided by WSL.

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