Record UK introduces System 20 door controls and sensors

Record UK introduces System 20 door controls and sensors

An automatic door must open instantly whenever it is required and as a result, the requirements for door sensors are both demanding and versatile. The best possible protection of the user on the one hand and a practically endless range of very different environmental conditions on the other hand always provide new challengers for door and sensor manufacturers.

Thanks to decades of experience as a manufacturer of global solutions, Record (UK) is aware of these demanding requirements and has successfully established itself in the market with the recently introduced System 20 door controls and intelligent sensors from the 290 model range.

The innovative RIC 290 sensor used a combination of technologies based on radar microwaves and active infrared, and proactively communicates with the door control device. It is fitted with a microwave module which acts as an intelligent motion detector and a signal encoder to open the door.

The presence detector features twin infrared light curtains to monitor the immediate door area, thus ensuring the door fulfils high standards of safely and security. Complex hard and software controls and analyses each point of light individually, thus ensuring reliable monitoring.

Combined sensors are usually mounted on both sides of an automatic sliding door. For other applications it is complemented by radar motion detectors or to some extent with light barriers. Short installation and commissioning time reduce the system costs and are additional reasons to continue offering only combined sensors in the company’s product range.

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