Record UK's System 20

Record UK's System 20

System 20 is the latest automatic sliding door from Record (UK) and is the first fully modular door system to offer interactive electronics and a simple, user-friendly operation.

The system’s modular construction allows designers to specify a wide variety of door configurations – including standard sliding, telescopic, curved and angular – without the high cost of a bespoke operating system.

At the heart of System 20 is Record’s proven RIC 290 sensor which uses both radar microwaves and active infrared sensors to communicate pro-actively with the door control device. A remote control module is also available incorporating an easy-to-use graphic display, menu-led navigation and text in a choice of languages

The system’s optical module uses twin infrared light curtains to automatically detect the approach of people and to monitor the immediate door area to identify stationary objects. The sophisticated commissioning protocol permits the system to “self-learn” so that the operation is optimised and unnecessary opening is avoided.

Interactive communications between the door operator, the sensors and the remote control device ensures accurate automatic operation and eliminates the risk of unexpected door closures. The door can also be integrated into the building’s central security network or BMS.

System 20’s modular design means that practically the entire range of door applications can be covered using a range of standard components. Installation is therefore quick, cost-effective and efficient.

The system also offers high levels of safety and security and is suitable for installation in escape routes. The independent Battery Monitored Module (BMM) ensures that the door will open automatically in the event of a power failure, as required by British Standards.

Another notable feature of the System 20 is its quiet operation. Acoustically decoupled running tracks, ball bearings on all guide pulley wheels and low-noise plastic rollers all contribute to making the System 20 one of the quietest door operators currently available.

The system is also economical in operation, with the sophisticated RIC 290 sensor eliminating unwarranted opening and the self-learning facility optimising opening widths depending on frequency of use.

System 20 meets all relevant national and international norms and standards and is engineered for a long, trouble-free service life. Regular maintenance should not be neglected, however, and Record offers flexible service and maintenance contracts tailored to suit the customer.

In addition, the company’s reactive, round-the-clock repair service, Record 247, is staffed by engineers throughout the country who are able to attend to doors of all types, usually on the same day.

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