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Reduce Water Wastage With Optiflush

Reduce Water Wastage With Optiflush

Available as a battery operated version (OP1) or fully mains operated (OP2), the Optiflush uses demand activated, passive infra-red sensing technology which only activates the flush when required, thus saving water.

When Optiflush senses movement in the cloakroom, it stores this knowledge and only activates the flush after a delay period set by the installer. During the delay period, subsequent uses of the cloakroom are not detected, thus the flush only operates to a set cycle.

Once the delay period is up, the Optiflush activates the solenoid latching valve and water is released for a measured length of time, to fill the cistern and subsequently flush the urinals. Once the flushing is complete, the Optiflush closes the valve, re-sets itself and awaits the next user to begin the cycle again.

The system also provides a hygiene flush that operates twice every day. This comes into operation if the cloakroom is not used regularly and is of particular use in locations such as schools, where the cloakroom may be left unused for up to six weeks. During this time, the unit will still activate twice daily to ensure the continued hygiene of the system is maintained.

Optiflush can be surface mounted on a wall or recess into a standard double patress box. Usually, the product control box is situated in close proximity to the valve, so the components are supplied pre-wired to simplify installation.

The choice of location is important, because Optiflush needs to be in the best position to sense movement in the room. To aid with installing the product correctly, it comes complete with an audible test mode setting. This allows the installer to clearly hear if the unit is sensing movement by approaching it from a number of different directions.

The flexibility of the Optiflush stems from its setting controls. A simple set of control switches enables the installer to vary the delay time between flushes and the fill time of the cistern. This feature ensures that variations such as pressure ratings or cistern sizes can easily be accommodated. A Stopvalve should be positioned upstream of the Optiflush valve, to allow for quick and easy servicing and regulation.

Optiflush is designed and built to the very highest standards and as well as saving water, features a valve that allows full compliance with the Water Regulation requirements. These requirements are concerned with the amount of water utilised per hour in the flushing process and state that no more than 3 flushes per hour are permissible. This clearly calls for an accurate means of water control and the Optiflush has been designed to deliver the maximum amount of flexibility in this regard. For those concerned with saving water and ease of installation, Optiflush is the obvious choice.

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