Reducing Fan Energy Consumption in Fume Extraction Systems | EC Technology

Reducing Fan Energy Consumption in Fume Extraction Systems | EC Technology

Axair Fans have introduced an EC version to their already impressive range of corrosive fume fans. The range now includes energy efficient fume fans featuring B34 type IE5 EC motors located outside of the airstream.

With the growing demand for more energy efficient systems, the introduction of the EC range of fans is key to allowing fume cupboard manufacturers to reduce their fan energy consumption by up to 20% without affecting performance, ultimately enhancing the energy efficiency of the entire fume extraction system.

As system designers seek to reduce energy consumption within laboratories, a good starting point is to consider reducing the amount of energy used by the extraction fan itself.

The IP55 polypropylene collection of EC fans and motors complement the existing range of chemical fans and are available in variety of sizes in both single and three phase variants covering airflows from 20-9000m3/hr and pressures to 1500Pa.

Single phase EC motors come equipped with integrated drive and IP55 protection against dust and ingress. An outdoor weatherproof cowl can be supplied for additional ingress protection if required.

Three phase EC IP55 motors are supplied with a supporting IP66 inverter drive for accurate speed control of the fan motor to match the exact ventilation needs of the application.

Controlling the speed of the motor further allows for energy efficiency by limiting the amount of energy needed to power it. As an example, slowing a fan motor by 20% saves nearly 50% in energy consumption.

Laboratories are one of the largest energy consuming sectors in the UK, consuming between four to six times more energy per square metre than standard offices or commercial buildings, predominantly due to the energy intensive ventilation systems necessary to ensure correct airflow and temperature.

Energy efficiency in laboratory settings can make an enormous difference when it comes to reducing costs and carbon footprints. The integration of EC Fans within fume cupboards is a significantly simple step towards making this change.

The introduction of an energy efficient range of corrosion resistant fans is of huge benefit to end users making a conscious effort to reduce their building energy consumption.

With over 25 years of experience, Axair supports a large network of UK fume cupboard manufacturers and those within the environmental corrosive fume market with their range of industrial fans.

Corrosion resistant fans are supplied on either metal or outdoor polypropylene pedestals and are specified to match the exact requirements of the applications operating and performance duty.

Axair welcome enquiries from new and existing customers or end users for EC, low pressure, high pressure or ATEX single or three phase fans in any market or application.

To view datasheets and more product information or to start a live chat with one of Axair’s fume fans experts visit their website, alternatively call 01782 349 430 to discuss your requirements.

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