Reducing noise pollution at new train servicing depot

Reducing noise pollution at new train servicing depot

A new train maintenance facility in North Yorkshire has used a bespoke version of Jakoustic® Absorptive acoustic fencing to reduce the impact of noise on the local area. Part of a £7million development, the new train depot will help to provide additional rail services to the North of England as well as creating new jobs in the area.

Located close to schools and residential properties, the new development required fencing for security purposes, as well as to reduce noise from trains. To mitigate the effects of onsite operations, the Jakoustic® Absorptive noise barrier was installed as it can reduce noise by up to 32dB* by absorbing sound through the mineral fibre membrane. For logistical purposes, the absorptive layer had to be attached in 600mm squares, as space was tight behind the steel pipe work. From the outside, the barrier looks like a tall timber fence, with an attractive timber facade of planed, interlocking horizontal boards. The flat timber profile offers an enhanced aesthetic around the site as well as increased security with no hand or foot holds, providing an anti-climb solution.

Built for commercial and highway purposes, the barrier is constructed with galvanised steel I-beam posts to provide strength and stability. All our acoustic fencing is manufactured using our Jakcure® pressure treated timber and comes guaranteed for 25 years, meaning that the depot meets Network Rail’s sustainability requirements.

*under laboratory conditions

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