Reducing waste and saving money starts in the washroom

Reducing waste and saving money starts in the washroom

Businesses across the economy are feeling the squeeze of rapidly rising prices – while also racing to reduce their carbon footprint.1 Could Dyson Airblade™ hand drying technology help tackle both challenges at once? The simple answer is yes.

In the wake of COP26 and the implementation of the Government’s Net Zero strategy, sustainability is high on the agenda for every business. But many are put off by the misconception that going green will be expensive when they’re already struggling with inflated costs.

However, saving money and the environment are not mutually exclusive goals – a focus on sustainability can actually impact your bottom line.

Swap costly, unsustainable paper towels for pioneering technology

Single-use paper towels are notoriously bad for the environment. Their production contributes to deforestation and wildlife destruction and demands large amounts of energy and water. Then the majority end up on landfill or in an incinerator since they cannot be recycled.2 They create a lot of in-housework and cost, too – requiring a relentless cycle of purchasing, delivering, storing, disposing and restocking.

Despite all this, billions of tonnes are still used globally every year. This is because people are often reluctant to adapt to new technologies and can be deceived by the cheaper upfront costs. Some also still think that paper towels are more hygienic than hand dryers or that hand dryers spread bacteria. But this couldn't be further from the truth.

Dyson hand dryers are just as hygienic as using paper towels, capturing 99.95% of particles, including bacteria and viruses, through their HEPA filter.3 And they’re independently proven to aerosolise no more than paper towels, too.4

The cost and energy efficiency gains of Airblade™ hand dryers

The Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer is significantly more sustainable and cheaper than paper towels. It’s one of the simplest ways you can reduce paper and energy waste – and save money.

Firstly, it creates no waste. Secondly, it produces up to 88% less CO2 than paper towels5 and uses only a sixth of the energy of conventional dryers. And thirdly, it’s cheaper to run. In fact, it’s our most cost and energy-efficient hand dryer to date.

What’s more, it’s certified by the Carbon Trust, BREEAM, WELL Building Standard, LEED and Quiet Mark.

A washroom upgrade for Welcome Break

Welcome Break has recently installed 450 Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryers across all of its 44 service areas in the UK. Because it wanted to bring sustainable hygiene solutions to its busy transport hubs to reduce the spread of bacteria, while cutting its energy bill.

Welcome Break’s Commercial Director Martyn Brett-Lee is delighted with the switch from paper towels. He says, “On our mission to become a more sustainable Motorway Service Area Operator, reducing our CO2 emissions is key and Dyson’s AirbladeTM technology is one of the many ways we’re driving this. Given the last few years we’ve all experienced, we’re pleased to provide our customers assurances that their hand drying is with HEPA-filtered, clean air”.

The new technology is helping Welcome Break’s 85 million annual visitors to dry their hands hygienically and efficiently,6 while significantly reducing costs and landfill waste.

Save water with Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry hand dryer

Unlike energy, the issue of water has never been traditionally high on the agenda of most businesses. But as water becomes an increasingly precious resource – and a costly one at that – it should be part of any business’ sustainability strategy.

Dyson’s solution for water waste reduction in the washroom is the Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry hand dryer. It uses much less water than a standard tap – just 1.9 litres per minute compared to 4-9 litres per minute. So is a smart option if your business is planning to push water higher up the agenda.

Ready to make the switch from paper towels to Dyson hand dryers? Let’s create a better environment in your washroom and the world outside.

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4. Based on aerosolisation measured during hand drying. Testing conducted by independent third-party laboratory Airmid Healthgroup Ltd.
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