Refurbished house, Brighton

Refurbished house, Brighton

Type of works: installation of an Eclisse glass sliding door creates more space. A brighter lounge and an easier-to-access kitchen – that’s what Tony Martin achieved using an Eclisse glass sliding door system in his recently refurbished house in Brighton.

He explains that “the main objective of the project was to enhance the internal design of the lounge creating more living space: the door entrance is in the middle of the wall and the hinged door, once open, cut the site lines in half – it created an obstruction that made the room difficult to use and furnish”.

In addition, the same door gives access to the kitchen through a narrow hall where two hinged doors make maneuverability very difficult.

He decided to install an Eclisse sliding door system because “it was the best we found that catered for recessed enclosures, contained within the wall, for the door”. The frame uses a 10mm tempered satin glass, decorated with four sandblasted horizontal lines.

The Eclisse sliding door system is a really practical solution in small rooms where easy-access is needed. Mr Martin confirms that “the lounge and kitchen are far more usable as a result of installing this system”.

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