Renewable Commercial Heating Animation

Renewable Commercial Heating Animation

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a short animated film to highlight how easy it can be for both existing and new-build commercial buildings to achieve renewable energy targets with the company’s range of heat pump water heating systems.

Ecodan Commercial Heating School Application

The four minute animation focuses on a modern school building and shows how easily air and water source heat pump systems can be incorporated into a building to work alongside, or replace traditional heating systems.

“We have used a school because of the high demand for heating, but the technology is suitable for almost any commercial building,” explains Graham Temple, Marketing Manager for the company’s Commercial Heating Systems Division.

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a range of systems that can supply a building’s hot water and heating. The units offer complete flexibility of design and can work alongside current technologies to allow a building to achieve renewable energy targets without major upheaval.

Three models are shown in the animation starting with the flagship, award-winning Ecodan® CAHV-P500YA-HPB, which is scalable from 43kW to 688kW. The MCS Approved (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) air to water heat pump uses advanced air source heat pump technology to provide a building’s heating and hot water.

The monobloc CAHV unit is a factory-sealed system with two separate refrigerant circuits, which overcomes the issue of the heat pump defrost cycle and ensures that heating capacities can be maintained accurately and reliably all year round.

For every 1kW of electricity consumed, an average of 3.2kW of usable heat is generated and supplied to the building. The CAHV can provide heating and hot water either on its own or in conjunction with other technologies and can work particularly well with community heating schemes.

The animation also highlights how the CHU air source heat pump and the CHQ ground or water source heat pump systems bring flexibility into the design process for building specifiers and architects.

Both systems link to the unique Ecodan CAW heat pump boiler via refrigerant piping to transfer converted renewable heat energy into heating and hot water for the building. The CAW unit has been specifically designed to fit easily into existing plant rooms.

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