Replace Pioneers Benefiting from Lower Bills

Replace Pioneers Benefiting from Lower Bills

The owners of the UK’s first R22 replacement system are still benefiting from lower energy bills nearly five years after the installation of the unique Mitsubishi Electric system.

When the owners of the small office block in Daventry were originally looking to replace their cooling-only air conditioning, they considered a number of options including an upgrade of their boiler and heating plant.

However, after a discussion with Chillaire Limited of Nuneaton and Mitsubishi Electric wholesaler Kooltech Ltd, the owners, St Clements Services Ltd, chose instead to replace the old air conditioning with a heating/cooling City Multi Y Series, using what was then, ground-breaking Replace Technology.

“We were delighted to be a part of what we knew at the time, was the very earliest stages of R22 replacement technology,” explains Chillaire’s Gary Fowler, who led the project for the installer. “The technical support from both Mitsubishi and Kooltech allowed our engineers to keep disruption to a minimum for St Clements who are one of our most respected customers.”

The Replace multi-system allowed Chillaire to keep the existing pipework and wiring and update the indoor and outdoor units, whilst removing the old, environmentally unfriendly R22 refrigerant.

Using the existing pipework significantly reduced the time it took to get the system up and running and allowed the new air conditioning to be installed in days instead of weeks. St Clements also benefit from increased performance and efficiency from the Replace system.

“The speed of installation was a key factor in our decision but increased operational efficiency and excellent core reliability were also needed,” commented Chris Wright, Chief Executive of St Clements.

“The system has met our expectations in full and we have continued to benefit as a result of the efficiency of the system operating in an age of rising electricity prices,” he added.

St Clements have remained a service contract customer for Chillaire since the installation and Gary Fowler has been delighted with the system’s performance. “There have been no issues with this replacement system since we installed it almost five years ago, which just goes to show its reliability,” he added.

Mitsubishi Electric has developed an entire range of R22 replacement solutions since launching its Replace technology in 2005. These can also be used to replace the R22 systems of many other manufacturers.

To help convince system owners of the benefits of upgrading from R22 air conditioning, the company has also developed a unique Audit Tool which compares the running costs and COP levels of today’s, modern systems with old, fixed-speed R22 units. This readily highlights the reduction in monthly energy bills that can be achieved with advanced modern systems.

For further information on the complete Replace line-up or to arrange for a demonstration of the Audit Tool, email or call (01707) 282880.

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