Rescue Lions given safe haven thanks to CLD Fencing Systems

Rescue Lions given safe haven thanks to CLD Fencing Systems

When the Isle of Wight Zoo needed to save two lions from a circus in Spain, CLD’s versatile Zoo Fencing came to the rescue.

CLD Fencing Systems had previously designed and manufactured, with Moore Fencing Ltd successfully installing, a zoo enclosure originally for rescue tigers at the zoo.

To successfully move the lions from their temporary rescue home in Spain, the Zoo took steps to re-purpose the enclosure to house the lions.

Veronica Crisp, Chief Executive at Wildheart Trust said: "We are facing major issues with the logistics of bringing these two majestic animals to their new safe haven here at the Zoo and we're extremely worried about the impact of Brexit or possibly no deal on Brexit."

“We had planned on building fit for purpose accommodation for the lions, but there is an enclosure that can be retrofitted in the short term and we have made the decision to bring the lions over sooner.”

This adaptability of CLD’s Zoo Fencing has been a major cost saving aspect for the Isle of Wight Zoo.

They didn’t need to construct a brand-new custom enclosure for the lions, and with this quick turnaround the lions were brought to safety sooner than anticipated.

The versatility of CLD’s Rigid Mesh Fencing is the reason why many zoos use their Dulok Double Wire range for their animal enclosures.

Other features include:
• Twin 8mm wires welded either side of 6mm vertical wires
• A mesh size of 200x50mm giving visitors excellent visibility
• Rigid panels with anti-cut properties thanks to the twin 8mm wires
• Fencing Systems are available in a range of RAL colours

CLD Fencing Systems has worked on a number of zoo projects including Chester Zoo, ZSL London Zoo and Folly Farm using their range of Dulok Double Wire Fencing.

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