Residential development, Hampshire

Residential development, Hampshire

Residential development, Hampshire
Type of works: manufacture of six stainless-steel lattice towers.

Ancon has fabricated six stainless-steel lattice towers to support the brick chimneys of a large new residential property in Hampshire.

The two 7m high and four 5.5m high towers were manufactured from austenitic stainless steel, grade 1.4301 (304). This grade is suitable for a broad range of construction applications. It is readily formed and welded, and provides excellent resistance to corrosion.

Each tower comprised four corner angles, braced at regular intervals by both horizontal and diagonal plates.

Originally conceived as overlapping bars, the diagonal braces were re-designed by Ancon and laser cut from stainless steel plate in the shape of an X, thereby reducing material content.

Three sides of each tower were fully welded, whilst the braces on the fourth side were bolted in position, to provide some fixing tolerance on-site.

The towers were mechanically fixed to the structural frame of the building and, as construction progressed, brickwork was tied back to the towers for support.

Images courtesy of Christopher Smallwood Architects

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