Residential house, Northamptonshire

Residential house, Northamptonshire

Type of works: installation of a bespoke Eclisse sliding door system and decorated Venetaian glass door.

To have more space and light in their new garden room in Warmington, Sheena and Gary Wilcox have installed a bespoke Eclisse sliding door system combined with a decorated Venetian glass door.

Not only was it a practical solution, but also an aesthetical choice in order to preserve the original internal design of the house.

Last year they undertook a refurbishment project with the aim of extending the kitchen and building a garden room to give them more living space without the need to move to a new house.

Sheena explained, “the main problem was finding a frame that didn’t have any sort of runner on the floor. We chose Eclisse because they offered a door which slid into a pocket in the wall and had nothing visible on the floor”.

Since they wanted to get as much light as possible, they decided to have a bespoke size which reached the maximum clearance. They had a 1.2m wide panel made of 10mm tempered transparent Venetian glass with 5 coloured-flower Murano glass inserts (from the name of the Venetian island which has a renowned and ancient tradition in handcrafting this glass decorations).

“We were also impressed with the glass doors and lovely glass inserts. We chose a glass door because we wanted to make the 2 rooms connected even when the door between them was closed. Also it kept both rooms light and airy”.

Sheena explained “the main benefit of the Eclisse system is that when the door is open, it is nicely hidden away in the wall pocket and there are no nasty runners on the floor to trip over and when the door is closed you can see between the two rooms through the clear glass”.

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