Residential property, Bourne End

Residential property, Bourne End

Client: Developer
Type of works: suppled IQ Glass system

This 6-bedroom property has been completely refurbished in 2007 and IQ Glass® is the only heating system.

The customer is a developer of OAP’s homes and has very often, like many developers, difficulties in installing conventional heating systems in his properties. He was looking for a heating system that is very energy efficient and once installed doesn’t need any maintenance.

IQ Glass UK invited the customer to view completed IQ Glass projects in Belgium, where the manufacturing plant is based. He was convinced about the IQ Glass system and chose to install it in his property to ‘test’ the system.

The actual installation of the IQ Glass system lasted about 2 weeks for this project. Several existing windows were kept whilst also new frames have been installed varying from normal opening windows to bi-folding doors. In all these frames IQ Glass has been installed.

IQ Glass UK electricians laid all the cables and made the connections to the IQ Glass control system. All rooms have separate thermostats whilst 4 micro processors constantly optimise the comfort level of this property. The microprocessors communicate to the IQ Glass control system how much power the glass panes need depending on the individual thermostat setting and the heat input from the sun. When the IQ Glass system is in operation the temperature of the glass will never drop below 20ºC giving the occupants at all times optimal comfort.

IQ Glass UK engineers performed the heat loss calculations and did advise whether additional heating was required for some rooms. As some rooms didn’t have sufficient amounts of glass area, the IQ heated mirrors were opted for making this property a complete IQ Glass system.

This property has been through its first summer and winter in the UK and the customer is very pleased with this very energy efficient heating system. This property can be viewed upon request.

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