Resin Bound Paving for the Hotel, Leisure and Sport Industry

Resin Bound Paving for the Hotel, Leisure and Sport Industry

Resin bound paving is a versatile and popular choice for various applications in the sport, hotel, and leisure industry. Its durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance requirements make it an excellent option for a range of outdoor spaces. Here are some specific ways resin bound paving can be used in these industries:

Sport Facilities: Resin bound paving is commonly used in sport facilities due to its slip-resistant properties and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. It can be used for pathways, pedestrian areas, and even sports courts. The smooth, seamless surface of resin bound paving provides a safe and comfortable surface for athletes and visitors.

Hotel Entrances and Driveways: Resin bound paving is an excellent choice for hotel entrances and driveways, as it offers a visually appealing and welcoming entrance for guests. It can be customised to match the hotel's design theme and can be installed in various colours and patterns. Resin bound paving is also resistant to oil and fuel stains, making it suitable for areas with vehicle traffic.

Pool Surrounds and Leisure Areas: Resin bound paving is ideal for pool surrounds and leisure areas in hotels and sports centres. It is permeable, allowing water to drain through and preventing surface water pooling. The smooth and comfortable texture of resin bound paving provides a safe and slip resistant surface for pool decks and pedestrian areas.

Outdoor Dining and Patio Areas: Resin bound paving can be used to create attractive outdoor dining and patio areas for hotels, restaurants, and leisure establishments. Its porous nature allows rainwater to drain away, minimizing the risk of flooding. Additionally, it is resistant to staining and can withstand outdoor furniture, making it a practical choice for these spaces.

Landscaped Gardens and Walkways: Resin bound paving can enhance the beauty of landscaped gardens and provide functional walkways for visitors. Its wide range of colours and finishes allows for creative designs and integration with existing landscaping elements. The smooth and stable surface is also wheelchair and stroller-friendly, ensuring accessibility for all.

Overall, resin bound paving offers a durable, visually appealing, and low-maintenance solution for various outdoor areas in the sport, hotel, and leisure industry. Its versatility and benefits make it a popular choice for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of these spaces.

SureSet have recently been awarded Best Permeable Resin Bound Paving Company 2023 by Design & Build. This award shows their expertise, quality craftmanship and a commitment to environmentally friendly practices in the industry.

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