Rhepanol fk – a most versatile membrane

Rhepanol fk – a most versatile membrane

Rhepanol fk from SIG Design & Technology was chosen to waterproof five areas of roofing with a total area of 949 m2 on a residential scheme at Worcester Park, Surrey.

Built by a national house-builder, the residential complex at 68-72 Salisbury Road comprises three new-build blocks of terraced-style homes. Two identical blocks comprise six units, each with a rear and front balcony (these blocks are designed with shallower barrel roof than shown in the image) and one block of five units, each with a rear balcony (as shown).

This series of five types of roof areas demanded a wide range of knowledge and skills from the installers, Flat Roofing Membranes of East Sussex. The roof design comprises flat roofed areas, curved and barrel-vaulted sections, dormers, timber decking to balconies, many areas of intricate detailing and pitches up over 45o. Speed of installation was critical despite adverse weather conditions.

The roof build-up is waterproofed by Rhepanol fk in light grey, a unique single ply membrane system that can emulate a metal roofing effect. In this application, Rhepanol fk mimics a lead standing seam roofing system.

There are five areas of roofing with a total area of 949m2. They comprise:
• 1245m2 barrel type roofing; 100mm thermal insulation, FDT vapour barrier fk and waterproofed by 2.5mm Rhepanol fk in light grey
• The 430m2 main roof build-up comprises polythene VCL, 120mm insulation which is mechanically fixed; and Rhepanol fk waterproofing
• Dormers and cheeks are an equal build-up; but without VCL or insulation
• There are 16 terraces measuring 160 m2 with plywood substrate and 100mm thermal tissue-faced PIR insulation
• 102m2 of balconies – all 17 measuring 6m2; each with timber decking over polythene VCL, 120mm insulation and overlaid Rhepanol fk (which offers a polyester protection fleece)
• 12m2 bay roofs with timber substrate, waterproofed in 2.5mm Rhepanol fk light grey

Rhepanol fk is fully recyclable. Some elements are fixed with Gripfix mechanical fixing system and the remainder is adhered. Using the Gripfix method of mechanical attachment, Rhepanol’s fleece backing attaches itself to the hook and loop system, making it safe and secure.

German manufacturer FDT’s Rhepanol was chosen for its sustainable qualities. It is the only membrane with a Full Lifecycle Assessment and is made from PIB. Rhepanol is attached to the next sheet of membrane by a unique self-sealing edge. The seam chemical welds to display immense tensile strength.

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