RhinoDeck provides a stable platform at West Bridgford Medical Centre

RhinoDeck provides a stable platform at West Bridgford Medical Centre

With the weather wreaking havoc with planned schedules, any product offering flexibility within the building programme was to be welcomed.

The RhinoDeck was used on the West Bridgford Medical Centre project to assist with the installation of the roof trusses – providing a stable platform for access, loading and installation. As the building is without walls at the point of installation of the roof trusses, the fact that Rhino is a standalone system, providing its own support through the rigidity of the all steel structure was a critical factor in the decision to use RhinoDeck.

In addition the total weight of RhinoDeck covering the 425 m2 is very light in comparison to a birdcage scaffolding system. At a very modest 20kgs/m2 the total weight of the RhinoDeck system to cover the entire area, weighs only 8.5 tonnes in all as opposed to an estimated 30 tonnes plus for a scaffold based system – this is less than 30% of the weight of a traditional solution.

The design of the all-steel structure, also means that the below deck area remains uncluttered and gives excellent access for both men and materials.

Light in weight and requiring no special tools RhinoDeck is easy to install and move. All 425 m2 were dismantled, moved from one side of the site to the other and reinstalled in good time, with no disruption to the build progress on site.

No design work is required for RhinoDeck. It is simply constructed in situ and built around whatever obstacles may exist. Locking together with metal fins and tensioned with sprung steel braces, the system becomes more secure as the load increases.

The structure might be light in weight but the system design ensures that on site RhinoDeck is a real heavyweight. It comfortably handles a load of 600 kgs/m2, even up to heights of 2 metres, whilst offering a secure working platform as well as easy access above and below decks.

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