Rockfon ceiling tiles have the lowest impact on the environment

Rockfon ceiling tiles have the lowest impact on the environment

Rockfon has recently undergone the stringent, independent BRE Life Cycle Analysis. The results concluded that a typical Rockfon stone wool ceiling tile has the lowest Ecopoint score ever, when compared to all other ceiling tiles that have been evaluated and published to date.

It is not always easy to prove a construction product’s environmental performance. The BRE Certificated Environmental Profiles provide a transparent measuring system that enables manufacturers to demonstrate the environmental performance of their products. These also allow manufacturers to compare their products against others, demonstrating the improvements made and raising general awareness of life cycle issues.

Environmental Profiles measure the environmental performance of a product throughout its life. This includes manufacturing, such as impacts from virgin and recycled materials; in use in a building, taken over a typical building life and including maintenance and replacement; and in demolition taking account of the waste produced and the amount available for recycling or reuse.

Rockfon ceiling solutions are already known for their excellent environmental profile, being made from an abundant and renewable natural resource. The earth’s volcanoes and tectonic plates produce 38,000 times more rock material each year than is consumed in manufacturing stone wool products. Rockfon ceilings are resistant to harmful micro-organisms such as mould, fungi and bacteria, they remain dimensionally stable even in up to 100% relative humidity and can withstand temperatures in excess of 1000° for 120 minutes without melting.

All these features combine to make a Rockfon ceiling a high quality performance ceiling with excellent longevity and whole life value, which is now supported by BRE assessment. *Visit, certificate number ENP 423, to read the results for yourself or phone 0800 389 0314 and request a copy of Rockfon’s R&ACT brochure on sustainability.

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