Rockfon launches Renovation Brochure

Rockfon launches Renovation Brochure

Rockfon products have been used in refurbishment and renovation projects for many years, providing practical, technical solutions that work in old and new buildings alike. Rockfon has now captured this experience in a brand new Renovation brochure, specifically designed to assist architects, designers, contractors and specifiers in finding the best solutions to some of the most common renovation challenges.

There are numerous issues to take into consideration when renovating older buildings, with very different challenges to those in a new-build construction. Firstly, there are limitations imposed by the building’s construction, which may have been at a time when needs and traditions were very different from today. For example, the increased amount of technical installations such as HVAC and IT networks that need to be installed and hidden in the ceiling space, or increased requirements for acoustic regulation and fire safety.

Each chapter of the new Renovation brochure concentrates on a particular challenge, such as ceiling height, integration of services and preserving original architecture, outlining key considerations and offering advice on the best solutions from Rockfon’s extensive portfolio. The brochure is also available to download from the Rockfon website,, where a library of online CAD drawings can also be found.

Today flexible, open-plan, multi-functional spaces are the norm and thermal insulation, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility all have a place in interior design. Structural differences can include low ceiling-height where a traditional suspended ceiling cannot be used. In these circumstances, Rockfon ceiling solutions can be directly fixed to the soffit and still achieve good levels of sound absorption. Ceiling islands, baffles and wall absorbers are also a versatile alternative as they can be installed around existing structures and blend into existing room designs.

Aesthetics also play a significant role in renovations to older buildings, particularly those within listed buildings where the original architecture has to be respected. For example, where there are structural features such as beams, columns and pillars, a suspended ceiling island or baffle allows these features to be retained with the ceiling systems installed around them.

Rockfon’s new Renovation brochure will guide you through all the solutions available today, from suspended ceilings and acoustic solutions to islands, baffles and wall absorbers, demonstrating how ceiling system design has evolved with the use of new technology to allow the combination of acoustic functionality and aesthetic appeal, to give designers wider creative freedom.

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