Roll easy with Hörmann

The ubiquitous roller shutter fulfils a wide number of functions from use as aircraft hanger doors, down to shop-front security grilles. As you would expect with Hörmann, even this traditional roller door benefits from both precision engineering and the application of patented technology to deliver added value.

The entry level SB rolling shutter for instance, benefits from innovative tension spring technology, which ensures that little effort is required to open and close it
manually. This ease of use adds to the longevity of these doors, leading to even better value for money.

Produced as a grille, single skin steel door or with insulated lathes, the majority of sales have been captured by the insulated version which is as competitively priced yet, stronger, lighter and better insulated than many others on the market.

For doors over 3.5m high either the optional chain hoist or compact automatic operator is recommended. The WA 300 R operator features soft-start soft-stop technology to further ensure the long term performance of this door. A major feature of this compact operator is that it needs no additional side room as it mounts onto the existing door frame, and can be retro-fitted.

For larger openings such as aircraft hangers or in heavy industry, rolling shutters tend to be the preferred option. These applications brings other demands such as wind resistance, to prevent damage, and a better fit to maintain temperature and reduce draughts.

With larger doors, as they open and close there is a risk of the door twisting and distorting as it enters and leaves the side guides. The Hörmann ZAK system has been developed to prevent this, and offers a number of other benefits. The geared system moves the centre of the barrel as the door opens and closes. On opening, the barrel moves away from the lintel so that each section of the door leaf joins the outer diameter of the rolled up door in a vertical position. Similarly on closing the sections are fed into the side guides in the ideal position. This mechanism reduces wear on the door, extending its lifespan and reduces noise as the door operates more smoothly. As an added benefit the system reduces the headroom required, therefore maximising the opening.

For extra-wide openings and high wind loads, Hörmann has developed the WPS wind protection system. An aluminium telescopic support braces the closed door and is bolted into the floor. On opening the support swings up behind the lintel, allowing the door to open.

There is also the ability to connect up to three rolling shutters with Hormann's SSG system to provide oversize opening widths. This system allows doors to be opened individually or collectively with mullions simply unlocked and slid to the side to create openings up to 30m wide with 6m high doors.

Hörmann also provides the right advice and service support to ensure that the best options are selected to ensure ease of use and longevity.

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