Roof Walkways


All of NEACO’s access walkway grilles provide safe, secure and long-term access solutions for general access, cleaning and maintenance of building exteriors and roofs. All panels are lightweight for ease of handling yet strong in construction, with a unique swage-locked design which provides high structural efficiency and an impressive load-bearing capacity. A serrated surface can be specified for the highest slip resistance. Walkways are available with integral handrail systems on one or both sides.

Techdek Roof Walkways
Techdek Walkways provide exceptional technical performance and suitability for pitches of up to 10 degrees. Steeper pitches can be accommodated subject to roof design. The original roof access walkway, Techdek has been designed to adapt to the most demanding structural and environmental conditions with high technical capability and suitability for installation on roof pitches of the higher gradient.

Quickfix Roof Walkways
When the full technical capabilities of the Techdek aluminium system are not required, the Quickfix system provides a highly cost-effective alternative enjoying many of the same qualities. With swage, frame, and serrated load bars in aluminium alloy, Quickfix is very similar in appearance to Techdek, providing aesthetic consistency in schemes where both systems are used. This system is also available with a specially designed ‘T’ edging strip at the end of longer panels, which clearly defines changes of direction.

Conformed Standards:
BS EN 516:2006
Prefabricated accessories for roofing. Installations for roof access. Walkways, treads and steps


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