Sabic Petrochemicals, Sittard, The Netherlands

Sabic Petrochemicals, Sittard, The Netherlands

Client: Sabic Petrochemicals Company
Type of works: an anodised-aluminium skin to the highly-distinctive headquarters of the company.

The design and detail of the external skin were first rendered in three-dimension to ensure the final appearance fully satisfied the client prior to any production. This also allowed the fine adjustment of the panel site lines between the vertical and pitched roof panels. Once agreed, the production of the bespoke panels, which were then derived from the three-dimensional layout, went into fabrication. 

Sorba formed a close partnership with the company’s aluminium supplier to ensure that quality and delivery times were achieved. The texture of the anodising can have some influence on the reflected light. Careful co-ordination in procurement, production and installation resulted in a very high-quality finish of the panels. 

Sorba's philosophy in working closely with the client from the conception through to completion, led to the client expressing great satisfaction with the end result.

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