Safe automatic sliding gates for industrial premises

Safe automatic sliding gates for industrial premises

Automatic sliding gates are increasingly specified for industrial premises needing rugged, reliable and secure gates that project the right image and are easily operated for access by authorised vehicles. Given the high forces that can be generated by a powered gate when opening or closing, it is also vital that gates meet the safety requirements laid down in relevant regulations, standards and guidelines from bodies such as the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

Sliding gates come in many formats and styles, so it is important that the optimum configuration is selected for each application. If requested, Procter Automatic Gates can discuss the options with customers at the earliest stages of a project. For example, cantilevered gates are preferred to tracked gates where it is desirable to avoid having a guide track laid in the roadway due to the likelihood of blocking by debris, where there is uneven or sloping ground, or where operating noise is an issue.

Standard infills for Procter’s sliding gates are heavy-duty welded mesh, palisade or vertical bars, while alternative infills range from timber to laser-cut sheet steel and decorative steelwork – though standard infills are usually adequate for industrial premises. Procter also offers customers the option of adding branding to the gate leaf and/or support structures.

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