Saville Stainless at Slimbridge and Wild Fowl Wetland Trust

Saville Stainless at Slimbridge and Wild Fowl Wetland Trust

On several occasions we have had the pleasure of producing various standard and bespoke projects for the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust with great success. Supplying different items to various sites around the country.

Our products have ranged from simple hand washing troughs located at "hands on" educational and informative sites in picturesque surroundings. Due to the designs of the washing areas by the staff the units attract people to willingly wash their hands without instruction and make this a pleasant experience in the process.

The use of Stainless Steel will guarantee this appearance will remain for years to come.

Some of the bespoke units that have been supplied are not often seen or noticed due to their roll within the surroundings, such as planters for reed beds and displays of plant life.These units are designed for rigidity once filled with flora and forna and contain internal baffles to help with this.

We look forward to further interesting and educational projects with the wildfowl trust and its imaginative staff.

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