Sayfa Systems at Church View Gardens

Sayfa Systems at Church View Gardens

As part of an ongoing supply relationship with Expression Homes, Sayfa Systems’ AirDeck fall arrest bags have been used on an exclusive development in the village of Moorends near Doncaster, South Yorkshire.


Church View Gardens is a small development of 17 semi-detached and townhouse style homes being developed in the small village of Moorends near Doncaster by Expression Homes. The company focuses on matching the economies of scale of the major house-builders whilst offering greater speed and flexibility.

Safety is the key

Expression have been using AirDeck fall arrest airbags, from Sayfa, since June 2014. ‘For us, site safety is and always has been, at the top of our agenda’ says Expression Homes Managing Director John Heslop. ‘AirDeck offers us flexibility and economy with no compromise to safety on site.’

AirDeck has been tested to, and the results exceed, the requirements of PAS 59: 2014 meaning that AirDeck can be used with confidence as part of any site safety strategy.

Flexibility and speed

A major feature of the AirDeck product is that it is light and easy to move. This enables flexibility in the site programme making for a faster build.

Small footprint

As a small company operating on a small site, storage space is at a premium. The fact that 60 AirDeck bags, capable of covering 90 square metres can be delivered on one pallet and inflated as required in situ, is a major advantage over pre-filled bags. This also means that at the end of the job the bags can be deflated and stored in minimal space in the main storage yard – where space is always at a premium.

Tough and green

The durability of AirDeck means that it can be used time and time again making for a very low cost in use and both the inner and the outer are made from fully recyclable materials.

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