Secure Cycle Storage, Open Shelters - TD4

Secure Cycle Storage, Open Shelters - TD4

Architects recently contacted Odoni with a requirement for an aesthetically-pleasing shelter that offers the user a good level of security. A combination of cycle and motorcycle parking was required, both for staff and the general public, therefore ease of access was an important factor.

Following a site visit and survey by the Odoni team, it was determined that the most suitable location for the shelter would be an area directly adjacent to the building's entrance. From this position the shelter is under constant observation by CCTV cameras, and is overlooked throughout the day by the adjacent offices. The open-aspect shelter design, combined with the clear polycarbonate cladding, offers a clear, uninterrupted view throughout the shelter at all times and from all vantages. This makes it virtually impossible for tampering or unwanted interference to go unnoticed and hence achieves the desired level of security and access required by the client.

For cycle parking, the Sheffield hoop stand was identified as the ideal solution. This style of cycle stand is manufactured from substantial 48mm-diameter tubular steel, and allows the user to chain both the cycle frame and wheels to the stand, therefore offering the user peace of mind if the cycle is parked for any length of time.

The pleasing shelter design with its open-aspect layout, clear polycarbonate cladding and smooth, curved profile, perfectly complements this or any other high-profile project. The shelter layout is ideal and offers simple storage for cycles from the pathway elevation, with motorcycles accommodated on the opposing side of the shelter, which is accessed directly from the adjacent service road.

Construction and design is modular, therefore almost any number of cycles or motorcycles can be accommodated. A full range of options and finishes is available. Consult manufacturer for details.

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