Security Fencing Selector - Choose the Right Fence for Your Site

Security Fencing Selector - Choose the Right Fence for Your Site

Procter Fencing Systems has developed a free Fencing Selector which is designed to help specifiers, facilities managers, security managers and consultants to select the optimum type of fencing for any given premises and threat level.

Where appropriate, it also indicates what types of additional security features may be required - such as electric pulse systems, CCTV and intrusion detection systems.

The Fencing Selector is easy to work with, even for non-experts, and users are welcome to contact Procter Fencing Systems if they require further assistance with risk assessments or product selection. Furthermore, the Fencing Selector is suitable for projects requiring any level of security, from simple boundary demarcation to areas where there is a need for high-security fencing to protect against a terrorist threat, for example.

Factors taken into account by the Fencing Selector include the security threat, potential consequences of a security breach, frequency of intrusion attempts, costs and aesthetics. Where appropriate, the Fencing Selector suggests additional security measures that may be required to increase the protection beyond what can be achieved with fencing alone.

With 100 years' experience in fencing and gates, including the installation of high-security perimeter protection at airports, ports, prisons, utilities and government premises, Procter Fencing Systems' unrivalled expertise means it is well placed to produce the Fencing Selector.

Depending on the nature of the project and the customer's requirements, Procter Fencing System can provide a comprehensive service that includes a technical consultation and site survey, design, manufacture and installation. Almost any type of fencing can be supplied, and both sliding gates and swing gates, powered and manually operated, can be supplied to match, together with associated security measures such as access controls, electric pulse systems, CCTV and electronic surveillance systems.

Copies of the Fencing Selector are freely available from the Downloads section of the website.

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