Selux UK LTD

Selux UK LTD

Selux UK Ltd have been providing innovative cutting edge lighting solutions for nearly 70 years. Partnering lighting designers and architects to realise their visions, we specialise in high quality interior, public realm, high protection luminaires and bespoke lighting development.

Trade names

Alpha, Arca, Artika, Astra, Aura, Aurea, Avanza, Aviona, Avius, Axeo, Calicio, Citylight, Citylights, Citylights, Discera, Eutrac, Eutrac Dali, Eutrac®, Felix, Hollow Light Guide, Initio, Jessica, Kju, Lanova, Lif, Loop, Lucea, Lumera, M-connect, M100, M125x90, M200x70, M36, M60, Media, Metro, MyWhite, Neo, NEO, Notch, Olivio, Pallas, Purelight, Ritorno, Satinlights, Saturn, Silhouette, Sombreo, Sphere, Stradex, Survivor, Trigo, Tritec, Urbi, Xea

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